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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Native American DNA Test

The American Government offers new economic benefits to people of Native American origin. In the light is this bonanza, the Native American DNA test is a vital pathway to establish and legitimize claims of Native American ancestry. The Native American DNA test unlocks the mystery surrounding the Native American society’s ancestral roots and of how they came to be in America. Scientists discovered the importance of DNA pertaining to evolution. It is believed that the Native American DNA test can have a positive impact on the Native American Community.

The Native American Testing Services

The largest and most experienced private Native American DNA test services in the US, the DNA Diagnostics Center aims at making the technology available at affordable cost. A trained professional collects the samples using a painless cheek swab procedure. Usually the testing services have nationwide network of sample collection centers. Consultation and complimentary training for collection of samples also are provided by some testing services.

GeneTree’s Native American DNA Testing Kit

Using the GeneTree’s Native American DNA Test kit, your roots to the Native American tribe can be established. It can also determine the mix of origins. Even the percentage of such mixture of origins is measured using this test.


Genelex conducts this test and offers three options as described below:

Ethnicity DNA Testing

This test determines the ancestry by the DNA 2.5 known as DNA Identity Profile. It gives an estimated percentage of origins such as Native American, Asian ancestry Indo-European or African along with a unique genetic fingerprint.

Maternal Line Native American Test

This Native American DNA test known as the mtDNA for males or females traces the ancestry through the maternal line. The DNA passed from the individual’s mother and mother’s mother is examined for genetic markers that indicate Native American origin.

Paternal Line Native American Test

The Y Chromosomes indicate paternal link as they are passed to the son by the father. The test reveals the paternity and through this the ancestral origin. This test reveal any roots to their population. DNA from the individual’s father and father’s father etc are examined for unique link to Native American heritage.

Scientific advancement has helped in the process of determining the ancestry through DNA test. The Native American DNA Test can have a positive impact on the Native American society.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Low Cost DNA Testing

The discovery of rapid, low cost DNA testing by Professor Lewis Rothberg of the University of Rochester and his group, won him a NYSTAR grant for further research. Rothberg’s innovative new procedure identifies genetic sequences in a DNA sample inexpensively and quickly.

Uses of this low cost testing

This low cost DNA testing can help in improving our health in general and make sure that the drinking water is clean and the food is uncontaminated. This revolutionary method can be used by forensic labs to identify criminals, identify harmful genetic sequences in clinical research and even test the swimming pools for its suitability for allowing children to swim in them. This new method is effective, fast and simple while the cost is very low.

The Technology

This low cost DNA test uses a technology that is a novel fluorescent screening assay that determines if specific DNA target sequences are present in the analyzed sample. If the target sequences and other sequences are present the assay filters out only the target sequence. Rothberg’s assay is done on the basis of the electrostatic properties of DNA.

Low cost

The most commonly used common test is gel electrophoresis. Each test costs around USD 1.00 and takes one hour. The capital expenditure for setting up a lab is around USD5000. On the contrary, Professor Rothberg’s technique requires just 5 minutes and it costs USD0.05 (5 cents) per test. The lab setting up cost is only USD600.

The procedure

The first step is Hybridization that takes 10 seconds and costs USD0.025. The second step is to add gold colloid to the hybridization solution taking 10 seconds and costing USD0.02. The third step is to add salt to the solution taking another 10 seconds and costing USD0.01. The last and fourth step is to measure photoluminescence in one minute.

This new method is part of a three-step process of extracting, magnifying and then testing the DNA from the blood, tissue or food. This process saves the final hour of work for the technician thereby saving time as well as cost. More important than saving time and money, this method helps to determine the single-base mutations in that will be linked to a prescribed therapy.

Professor Rothburg of Rochester University discovered a low cost DNA testing method. This method saves time and money and helps in improving health and detecting criminals and food and water contamination.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing is testing process that can help families resolve all relationship questions. The tests usually performed are paternity test, maternity test, kinship test, aunt/uncle/nephew/niece test, grand parentage test, ancestry test and forensic test. The 23 pairs of chromosomes all people have inherited half of them from our mother and the other half from our father. When a child’s DNA profile is compared to its alleged father’s profile, if the result shows exclusion, the alleged father is not the biological father of the child. If it says “inclusion” it means that the alleged father is also the true biological father.


Conclusive answers to paternity issues are possible with Securigene paternity tests. Securigene is one of the world’s few Legal DNA testing labs that have accreditation from both AABB and ISO 17025 and their results are recognized across the globe. Their testing is flawless as they have done thousands of tests and maintained a100% court recognition. The tests are carried out twice to ensure 100 percent accuracy. Legal DNA testing Labs usually test only 9 to 12 loci and the 16 loci are test is run only for very few special cases. At Securigene, a guaranteed run of the 16 loci is routinely performed in all cases. Securigene has collection sites all over North America and worldwide. The Legal DNA Testing analysis takes 3 to 5 days and the legal and certified reports are sent immediately. Consultation is free and is available on phone or email.

Atlanta DNA Center, Inc.

Having networked all over the country, Atlanta DNA Center, Inc. will locate the nearest collection facility to your place and schedule an appointment on the day and time that that suits you. They work with the nation’s # 1 lab and the legal testing lab and obtained the highest accreditations.

Collection procedure

They collect one form of identification of the each person and also take his photograph and thumb print. The painless process takes just minutes and the samples are collected from each person. The necessary paperwork is completed in the client’s presence and the collected material is sent to the lab for testing.

Legal DNA testing is accepted in courts if done in the appropriate accredited labs. The testing is done to resolve issues of paternity and other blood relationships by establishing the DNA match.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Legal DNA Test

The recently discovered genetic markers help us in tracing our ancestry and provide us with more information about the genetic roots. The segments that carry this genetic information are called genes. Legal DNA test results performed under strict regulations are accepted in courts of law.

Purposes of Legal DNA test

Legal DNA test is carried out to establish paternity for settling family issues, prove sibblingship or for resolving inheritance disputes, and in the case of adoption and immigration etc. The test is required as proof of paternity in the court of law doe child support and child custody and related cases.

Legal DNA test procedure

Legal DNA test requires strictly following procedures as set forth by the AABB, American Association of Blood Banks and ISO and the tests follow a strict chain of custody. The procedures for legal the test are:

  • The samples are collected by a trained professional in the presence of a neutral third party.
  • The tested parties should submit proper identification documents at the time of sample collection.
  • The samples should be sealed with tamper tape at the collection site and secured packaged and shipped to the lab. The samples are tested for tamper before testing.

DNA Testing Direct

DNA Testing Direct and Sorenson Genomics are providing Legal DNA testing services in 70 countries and the US and UK since 1997. These tests are designed specially for use in the court of law with 99.9999 percent proof of paternity with an accuracy of 100 percent. This test is affordable, easy and fast.

DNA Worldwide Group

The legal DNA tests of DNA Worldwide Group are ISO 9001 certified, GMP approved and FDA inspected and meet the best of standards available in the world. Their testing center is AABB compliant and ISO 17025 accredited using the state of the art computer system that uses Oracle database with most secure hosting.

DNA Bioscience

This is the leading legal DNA testing service with a 100 percent track record for accurate and reliable results with professionalism and efficiency it is recognized for its ISO 170125 standards.

Legal paternity test is used to settle family and relationship issues in courts. The Legal DNA tests are performed following strict procedures with witnessed documentation of the identity of tested parties.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Immigration DNA Testing

Legal residency and citizenship can be established through Immigration DNA testing. There are specific legal guidelines for paternity testing stipulated by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and International Standards Organization (ISO). The INS and Department of Human Services accepts the Immigration DNA testing from AABB and ISO accredited labs as proof of ethnicity.


GTL is an accredited by the INS and Department of Human Services as a supplier for immigration DNA testing. The services include result interpretation as per request to immigration clients, government agencies and local embassies worldwide. GTL offers consultation for immigration ensuring the selection of the most appropriate family members for verification with accuracy. This testing involves testing for either paternity or maternity and DNA relationship test is carried out to identify a genetic relationship with a family member other than the father and mother such as an aunt or uncle. GTL can be contacted through a tool free telephone from anywhere in the world and the cost is $550 for most of the embassy locations plus international shipping charges for the delivery of the test report.

DNA Testing Center, Inc.

This center offers immigration DNA testing services strictly adhering to the US Consulates immigration requirements. Clients are assigned quick appointments and fast results within 3 to 5 business days. This testing is performed by an AABB accredited laboratory. They utilize the worldwide sample collection sites. The sample collection kits are shipped the same day of receiving the order. Once you have completed the order form online, a case manager will contact you to discuss your situation and will schedule your test. Details can be had calling their toll free number from within and outside the USA or by email to


Genelex specializes in testing for establishing citizenship rights and offers Immigration DNA testing services. They have a decade of experience in resolving complex international cases. The records are kept indefinitely for future testimony and documentation. Multiple options for immigration testing such as kinship, new born, deceased and motherless etc. are available.

The INS and the Department of Human Services accept Immigration DNA Testing as proof of a person’s ethnicity or relationship to a citizen. This testing is performed by accredited labs collecting samples from embassy locations worldwide.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008


HPV is a group of viruses that consists of about 100 related viruses that is identified by skin warts and genital warts. HPV infections are benign and short lived and are common except a few such as HPV-16, HPV-18, HPV-31 and HPV-45, which are considered to be high risk. The high-risk types of humanpillomavirus, HPV can cause the cancer of cervical, anal, and penile and many other forms of cancer. Conventionally a Pap smear test is used to detect cancer of the cervix, the lower part of the uterus. The cervical cells are evaluated under the microscope. But Pap smear does not clearly indicate if the HPV infection is high risk or low risk. HPV DNA test serves as a valuable tool to detect cervical cancer.

The scenario

Nearly 20 percent of the US sexually active US population is believed to be infected with HPV virus at some point in time. Some of the women may develop a persistent infection that will eventually lead to pre-cancerous changes in the cervical cells. In this scenario, a new HPV DNA test has emerged that indicates evidence of high-risk types of humanpapillomavirus has gained widespread acceptance as an extra tool for detecting cervical cancer. The sample is the same as that used in Pap smear test to confirm the presence of high-risk types of HPV. The HPV DNA test looks for 13 of the most dreaded HPV but fails to differentiae between them. Another test is required to determine exactly which types of HPV are present.

Sample Collection

The cell samples are collected from the cervical area of females, as a part of the pelvic examination by the physician. A type of wooden spatula is used to collect the cells from the cervical area and kept in a liquid preservative specially meant for the purpose. For HPV test on males, an anal swab or brush specimen is collected and used.

FDA Approval

FDA has approved this test to be used for screening of women for HPV infection in conjunction with Pap smear test. Knowing if a woman is infected with HPV or not will help doctors detect and treat the early cell changes that are indicative of cervical cancer.

HPV is a type of a group of viruses that can cause cervical cancer in women. The HPV DNA test can detect the high-risk virus and can help in the prevention cervical cancer.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

How Accurate Is DNA Testing

If we are to go into the question of how accurate is DNA testing then it can be said that DNA tests are the most reliable and accurate analysis to establish parentage and genetic background. Stringent norms are set forth for the testing by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and ISO and DNA testing by only laboratories accredited by these organizations is legally accepted. Again if we are to ponder how accurate is DNA testing, it yield results of 99.99 specificity or even greater.

Paternity and Maternity DNA testing Accuracy

If the patterns between father and child fail to match on more than three genetic markers, the alleged father is excluded meaning that he is not the biological father of the child. This result bears 100 percent certainty and indicates how accurate DNA testing is.

No test can prove that parentage of the father or mother of a child with 100 percent certainty. When the patterns between mother, father and child match on the DNA markers the paternity probability is calculated using the general population of its ethnic group. The testing with 99.9 percent accuracy is accepted in US courts as proof that the alleged father is the biological father of the child.

Forensic DNA testing

This testing has gained acceptance in court rooms since the late eighties. This test as evidence created a landmark in the famous 1995 trial of O.J. Simpson proving that the accused was not the murderer. Several such wrongly convicted people have been released using the DNA tests as proof. Being the most accurate form of scientific evidence this testing is accurate to a millionth of a percent, the legal system can easily establish the identity of the right criminals and save the society.


The tests conducted at Genelex are claimed to be 100 percent more discriminating above the industry standard. The average of positive results of DNA testing often exceeds 99.99 percent. Most labs test only 8 to 10 genetic markers whereas Genelex tests 16 markers ensuring the most reliable results. They also run all of the exclusions twice for confirming 100 percent exclusion which by itself shows how accurate DNA testing is. They provide affidavits, testimony and depositions in the court. The courts have been accepting their results consistently in court and by child support and Immigration agencies after extensive scrutiny.

DNA testing that provides results of exclusion are mostly 100 percent certain that the alleged father of a child is not the biological father. The US courts accept the testing with 99.9 percent as evidence to prove or disprove a person’s identity and prove how accurate DNA testing is.

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