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Saturday, December 15, 2007

DNA Blood Tests

The American Association of Blood Banks, AABB is continuously expanding its parentage testing certification and inspection program. In this program both traditional parentage blood testing procedures and the procedures for DNA testing are included. DNA parentage blood tests can achieve an even higher exclusion rate of parentage ratio than conventional parentage. In the blood cells, the nuclear DNA contains sequences that make up chromosomes. One half of the nuclear DNA is inherited from the mother and the other half from the father. Nuclear DNA tests provide an alternative to the conventional parentage blood testing methods. This testing does not require the use of live blood samples. This makes it possible to ship the samples to any distance hence useful in international cases.

DNA Biochip

The match-box sized biochip delivers results of blood tests immediately contrary to conventional tests the results of which come after several days. The biochip was developed by the Department of Energy’s at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This could revolutionize the way blood tests are performed by medical profession. The test results can indicate AIDS virus, tuberculosis, Cancer or other diseases immediately. Apart from saving time, the biochip does not require radioactive labels for detection. This reduces not only cost but also potential health risks to technicians in the lab who handle the samples to perform tests. The biochip has a sophisticated recognition capability like a living system.

DNA Blood test for Colon Cancer

The team at Johns Hopkins University has developed a blood test to detect Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Gene at elevated levels. This blood test effectively detects the gene in patients of advanced stage colorectal cancers and in 60 percent of early stage cancers. Non-invasive blood tests as simple as a needle prick and screen for cancer with the new DNA Blood Test. Early detection and treatment is crucial to conquering cancer and this blood test is a welcome invention.

New DNA Blood test to diagnose Prostate Cancer

Scientists at St. George’s, University of London are experimenting with a blood test that uses DNA markers to identify prostate cancer from the bloodstream.

Scientific Research in the field of testing through DNA blood test is achieving newer and better ways of detecting dreadful diseases like cancer. They are cost effective, quick and convenient and simple methods which are beneficial to patients and medical professionals.

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