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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DNA Testing Chicago


DNA testing Chicago is done as usual as the other countries do. However the procedure for conducting this test is quite simple. There are many sample collection centers in Chicago for the purpose of collecting the samples. In Chicago the testing is done right from paternity test to immigration tests. Whatever the type of test may be the DNA testing Chicago gives accurate assurance and credible results. The testing done at Chicago is very useful to those around the world, because of its popularity. Since this testing which has been done at Chicago can change many lives because of its accuracy and quality, it is most sought after. This type of DNA testing in Chicago is done to prove the relationship between the individuals.

Life changing test

DNA testing is considered as the changer that has transformed many lives. Since this testing gives peace of mind to many it is very much preferred that it be done at Chicago. There are many type of testing which is done at Chicago, the primary and most usual test is the SCSA, which is an abbreviation of Sperm Chromatin Structure analysis. The other types of testing are the fragmentation test of DNA and the fragmentation test of Sperm Chromatin. The DNA testing for each type of testing is given below in brief.

SCSA type of DNA testing

This type of test which is done at Chicago is done to calculate the percentage of sperm through the fragmentation of DNA. Among the SCSA tests there are two different types of tests, they are the Tunnel and the Comet Assay. However the SCSA type of test has been most popular amongst all other testing that are done at Chicago. In the SCSA test, the sperm is treated with the chemical which makes the special type of dye enter into the cell of the sperm. Then the sperm is called as the sperm having fragmented DNA. At the next stage the computer renders the results graphically and thus the percentage of fragmented DNA in the sperm can be viewed.

Here is a line up of the various types of DNA testing which may be helpful to those who wish to undergo a DNA test at Chicago

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