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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

DNA Testing For Ancestry

DNA Testing is a significant breakthrough in the study of human history. The DNA testing assumed greater importance as it can give vital clues to a person’s ancestral origin. Is possible to find out and confirm if persons having the same last name have the same great –great- great-great grand mother. This test can determine any other ancestry you may have. It can also determine the ancestral heritage of adopted individuals. The DNA test for ancestry helps to confirm the family’s genealogical history through paternal and maternal tests. Recent advancements in genetic testing have empowered you with the ability to establish your eligibility for government benefits such as Native American Rights.

Ethnicity DNA Testing

DNA testing for ancestry DNA 2.5/ DNA Identity Profile is an Ethnicity Testing done to determine your deep ancestral origins and gives you an estimate in percentage of ancestry from the 4 major population groups. The report includes a unique certificate of your genetic finger print.

Native American

Migrated residents of North and South America who migrated from Asia belong to the Native American tribe and the testing for ancestry is done to establish this.


People who migrated from Europe, Middle East and South Asia belong to this ethnic group. South Asians can be further classified as people from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Europeans can be classified as Northern European, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and South Asian. This test for ancestry is made to find out if they happen to be Indo-European

East Asians

People migrating from Japan, Korea and China and other South-east Asians of pacific islands such as Hawaii and Philippines belong to this category.


Ethnic groups from Sub-Saharan Africa are the ancestors of the entire human race, from which it is believed that mankind came into existence.

The Testing Process

The DNA Testing for Ancestry involves a simple and painless process. When a test is ordered, a sample collection kit will be sent to your home to collect the sample in the privacy of your home. The sample can be mailed back in the envelope supplied along with the kit. You can receive your result in about 6 to 8 week’s time. The test result consists of a table showing the percentage of ancestry, a certificate with the individual’s unique finger print, the result in graphical representation and a manual that explains the results.

DNA ancestry testing has made the study of human history simple by establishing ancestral origins. The tests are helpful for claiming government benefits based on Native American ancestry.

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