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Monday, January 14, 2008

DNA Testing In Houston

DNA is the short form of Deoxybonucleic acid molecule that contains the genetic information of living beings. Paternal ancestry of anyone can be traced using the DNA testing. This test is a simple and painless process that involves the use of mouth swabs called buccal swabs. This test enables a person to know with over 99.9 percent accuracy if he is the biological father. The test results are legally binding and accepted all over the US and Canada. Houston has some of the best testing services providing full service drug and alcohol testing for companies and paternity testing.


Identigene provides several types of paternity testing services which are DNA testing in Houston depending upon the individual’s circumstances. The services include legal paternity test, prenatal paternity test and home paternity kits. The paternity test records in respect of DNA testing in Houston is kept very confidential

Legal Paternity test

Legal paternity test is requested in cases of divorce, child custody or proceedings for child support. The samples are taken at one of their nationwide collection facilities and conduct the testing and report back irrespective of where the individual lives.

Prenatal Paternity test

Pregnant women can be performed during the period from 9th to 16th week of pregnancy to establish the child’s paternity. The DNA testing in Houston compares the samples from the mother, unborn baby and the alleged father to determine the presence of genetic match. If the test is not required for legal purposes, the samples can be collected from the father and mother in the privacy of home. These samples are then sent to IDENTIGENE for comparison between the father and child’s DNA samples. If the two matches then the probability of paternity is 99.999 percent and the DNA testing in Houston has been very accurate.

Home Paternity test

This testing is not admissible in the court and is available strictly for the sake of your own satisfaction. The samples are collected in your home’s privacy. You can collect the samples and mail them to one of their nationwide collection centers for arranging the test. Kits are available to collect the samples.

American Medical Services

The laboratories of American Medical Services are certified by AABB, ASHI and CLIA. American Medical Services provides high quality testing at low cost.

DNA testing is done to determine the paternity of a child. The courts accept the test report as evidence in cases like divorce and child custody only. Houston has a number of testing services whose test results are accepted all over US and Canada.

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