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Friday, March 7, 2008

Low Cost DNA Testing

The discovery of rapid, low cost DNA testing by Professor Lewis Rothberg of the University of Rochester and his group, won him a NYSTAR grant for further research. Rothberg’s innovative new procedure identifies genetic sequences in a DNA sample inexpensively and quickly.

Uses of this low cost testing

This low cost DNA testing can help in improving our health in general and make sure that the drinking water is clean and the food is uncontaminated. This revolutionary method can be used by forensic labs to identify criminals, identify harmful genetic sequences in clinical research and even test the swimming pools for its suitability for allowing children to swim in them. This new method is effective, fast and simple while the cost is very low.

The Technology

This low cost DNA test uses a technology that is a novel fluorescent screening assay that determines if specific DNA target sequences are present in the analyzed sample. If the target sequences and other sequences are present the assay filters out only the target sequence. Rothberg’s assay is done on the basis of the electrostatic properties of DNA.

Low cost

The most commonly used common test is gel electrophoresis. Each test costs around USD 1.00 and takes one hour. The capital expenditure for setting up a lab is around USD5000. On the contrary, Professor Rothberg’s technique requires just 5 minutes and it costs USD0.05 (5 cents) per test. The lab setting up cost is only USD600.

The procedure

The first step is Hybridization that takes 10 seconds and costs USD0.025. The second step is to add gold colloid to the hybridization solution taking 10 seconds and costing USD0.02. The third step is to add salt to the solution taking another 10 seconds and costing USD0.01. The last and fourth step is to measure photoluminescence in one minute.

This new method is part of a three-step process of extracting, magnifying and then testing the DNA from the blood, tissue or food. This process saves the final hour of work for the technician thereby saving time as well as cost. More important than saving time and money, this method helps to determine the single-base mutations in that will be linked to a prescribed therapy.

Professor Rothburg of Rochester University discovered a low cost DNA testing method. This method saves time and money and helps in improving health and detecting criminals and food and water contamination.

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