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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Geneaology DNA Test

The Genealogy DNA test traces the heredity of a person to his ancestors. This test also helps in ascertaining who the ancestors are, where they belong and how they moved or migrated from their origins to different parts of the world. Research shows that a person’s heredity can be traced back to an ancestor who lived in Africa between 50,000 to 200,000 years ago. These people (ancestors) migrated from Africa and lived and settled in different parts of the world. As they moved to different continents and regions little changes took place in their DNA structure, which are also known as mutations.

Labs specializing in Genealogy

Genealogy DNA test is offered by specialized laboratories such as Genebase, Family Tree DNA, etc.


Genebase allows customers to order a participation kit and receive it via mail. The kit would contain four swabs, needs to be rubbed inside of one’s cheek for half a minute. The sample swab then would be mailed back to the laboratory, and later the laboratory does the test and sends the results. Once the customer receives the results, he also receives a certificate outlining the ancestral markets and his predicted haplogroup, which depicts his ancestral origins. Further, as part of the DNA Ancestry Project, the customer would be shown as to where is ancestors originally lived, their race, and how they migrated. The genealogy DNA test also enables customers to look for their long-lost family lines or to check if they descended from famous lines.

Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA, established in April 2000 is a leader in genetic genealogy by continuous research and development. If a customer is in search of a lost relative, this test gets clues from the DNA left by ancestors, and compares it with results in the database, which can unlock a wealth of information about a person’s origin. There are broadly two types of DNA namely, Y-DNA and mtDNA. A test of the Y-DNA can reveal the origin of a person’s paternal line, with no effect of any females, whereas a test of Mt. DNA can reveal the origin of maternal line, without any influence of any males along the line.

Genealogy DNA test helps in tracking a person’s ancestry and its true origins. Using DNA clues left by ancestors this application helps in finding out who the ancestors were, where they belong and how they migrated to different places.

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