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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Native American DNA Test

The American Government offers new economic benefits to people of Native American origin. In the light is this bonanza, the Native American DNA test is a vital pathway to establish and legitimize claims of Native American ancestry. The Native American DNA test unlocks the mystery surrounding the Native American society’s ancestral roots and of how they came to be in America. Scientists discovered the importance of DNA pertaining to evolution. It is believed that the Native American DNA test can have a positive impact on the Native American Community.

The Native American Testing Services

The largest and most experienced private Native American DNA test services in the US, the DNA Diagnostics Center aims at making the technology available at affordable cost. A trained professional collects the samples using a painless cheek swab procedure. Usually the testing services have nationwide network of sample collection centers. Consultation and complimentary training for collection of samples also are provided by some testing services.

GeneTree’s Native American DNA Testing Kit

Using the GeneTree’s Native American DNA Test kit, your roots to the Native American tribe can be established. It can also determine the mix of origins. Even the percentage of such mixture of origins is measured using this test.


Genelex conducts this test and offers three options as described below:

Ethnicity DNA Testing

This test determines the ancestry by the DNA 2.5 known as DNA Identity Profile. It gives an estimated percentage of origins such as Native American, Asian ancestry Indo-European or African along with a unique genetic fingerprint.

Maternal Line Native American Test

This Native American DNA test known as the mtDNA for males or females traces the ancestry through the maternal line. The DNA passed from the individual’s mother and mother’s mother is examined for genetic markers that indicate Native American origin.

Paternal Line Native American Test

The Y Chromosomes indicate paternal link as they are passed to the son by the father. The test reveals the paternity and through this the ancestral origin. This test reveal any roots to their population. DNA from the individual’s father and father’s father etc are examined for unique link to Native American heritage.

Scientific advancement has helped in the process of determining the ancestry through DNA test. The Native American DNA Test can have a positive impact on the Native American society.

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