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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

DNA Testing Cost

DNA Tests for curiosity

The DNA testing cost varies according to the type of test and for tests done out of curiosity normally cost around $200. The results of such DNA test are reported as a Letter of Opinion as the chain of custody is not verified in these cases and therefore the report is not admissible in court.

Legally binding DNA Test

If the test is required to be submitted in a court of law, which often happens in the cases of child support or paternity dispute, the cost is higher, usually in the range of USD 500 to 600. This higher testing cost for a legally binding result is because of the need to demonstrate a chain of custody for all the samples being tested.

Chain of custody & Cost

Legal chain of custody is legally accepted only when the samples are collected in the presence of a third party who is neutral. Samples should be collected at a lab, hospital or clinic where all the parties have verified their identities. This procedure and the location also determine the testing cost. But in circumstances where the sample collection is desired to be done in the privacy of homes, neutral witness is required. The prescribed forms for Chain of Custody that are intended to be produced in court are part of the testing kit. A third party should be present to supervise and witness the collection of specimen, packaging and mailing. The expert lab assistant can also testify and witness the test procedures at extra cost. The DNA testing cost depends on the above factors and the nature of information requested.

The Genetic Testing Laboratories, Inc. GTL

The Paternity Test Kit supplied by GTL costs USD 99. This home test kit comes with overnight return by FedEx free of charge. Their equipment is highly automated and yield extremely accurate results. The reduced overheads help them to perform more tests at lesser testing cost for each test. Data transfers are fully automated resulting in eliminating human error and requiring minimum labor, reducing the overall testing cost.

The DNA Testing costs vary according to the nature of test requested. The legally binding tests cost more than normal tests that are done for curiosity. The strict procedures and high quality standards determine the testing cost.

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