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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DNA Paternity Tests

DNA paternity tests can reveal who the biological father of a child is. Thetests are confidential, accurate, fast and easy. The tests by accredited labs are accepted in courts for purposes of determining paternity, for child custody or for child support. Many other family issues, immigration, adoption and ancestry questions are solved using this test. The testing labs are governed by the strict guidelines of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), and ISO. These accredited labs follow stringent procedures for the tests so as to be legally binding and highly accurate.

Simple Collection Procedure

The collection of DNA samples from the testing parties involves a simple process of collecting the buccal swabs from the inside of the mouth. The client can order a home collection kit and have the procedure done by a trained professional in the privacy of his home in the presence of neutral third party. Most of the testing services provide the collection kits with instructions. The sample collected is sent to the labs and the results are normally available within days.


Being the testing industry leader since the year 1987, Genelex has been offering accurate, affordable and confidential testing services. Genelex provides a wide range of Paternity DNA tests including kinship analysis, parental paternity testing and grandpaternity testing. Their tests have helped in resolving cases in connection with major crimes, child custody, child support, inheritance and immigration. It is one of the few testing labs in the world that has dual accreditation for clinical laboratory and for the tests.

DNA Testing Direct

This test has helped thousands of customers since 1997 and are world leaders in DNA testing. Their tests are designed for use in the court of law as they are highly accurate. Convenient and fast, they have over 3000 collection sites across the globe. They offer the DNA paternity Tests with 100 percent accuracy and Quality Guarantee. There are several types of tests that suit different needs and situations of the testing participants.

When a child’s paternity is in doubt, DNA paternity tests help in identifying the true biological father of the child. This test is fast, convenient and accurate.

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