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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing is testing process that can help families resolve all relationship questions. The tests usually performed are paternity test, maternity test, kinship test, aunt/uncle/nephew/niece test, grand parentage test, ancestry test and forensic test. The 23 pairs of chromosomes all people have inherited half of them from our mother and the other half from our father. When a child’s DNA profile is compared to its alleged father’s profile, if the result shows exclusion, the alleged father is not the biological father of the child. If it says “inclusion” it means that the alleged father is also the true biological father.


Conclusive answers to paternity issues are possible with Securigene paternity tests. Securigene is one of the world’s few Legal DNA testing labs that have accreditation from both AABB and ISO 17025 and their results are recognized across the globe. Their testing is flawless as they have done thousands of tests and maintained a100% court recognition. The tests are carried out twice to ensure 100 percent accuracy. Legal DNA testing Labs usually test only 9 to 12 loci and the 16 loci are test is run only for very few special cases. At Securigene, a guaranteed run of the 16 loci is routinely performed in all cases. Securigene has collection sites all over North America and worldwide. The Legal DNA Testing analysis takes 3 to 5 days and the legal and certified reports are sent immediately. Consultation is free and is available on phone or email.

Atlanta DNA Center, Inc.

Having networked all over the country, Atlanta DNA Center, Inc. will locate the nearest collection facility to your place and schedule an appointment on the day and time that that suits you. They work with the nation’s # 1 lab and the legal testing lab and obtained the highest accreditations.

Collection procedure

They collect one form of identification of the each person and also take his photograph and thumb print. The painless process takes just minutes and the samples are collected from each person. The necessary paperwork is completed in the client’s presence and the collected material is sent to the lab for testing.

Legal DNA testing is accepted in courts if done in the appropriate accredited labs. The testing is done to resolve issues of paternity and other blood relationships by establishing the DNA match.

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