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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DNA Testing Atlanta

Atlanta DNA center, Inc. has been in the industry for several years and has solved thousands of personal and legal questions of paternity and biological relationships. They can prove or disprove a biological relationship quickly and conveniently through DNA testing Atlanta tests for paternity, maternity, sibblingship or grand parentage etc.

Services offered

  1. Interact with you to assess your need and choose the best test for you.
  2. Supply you with the necessary materials for the collection of samples and even offer the collection service. The Paternity kits are free for personal DNA testing.
  3. Offer the highest accuracy in the tests that are handled by well trained lab technicians through state of the art equipment and certified labs. The tests are done twice to ensure accuracy.
  4. The results are available within 3 to 5 business days.
  5. After releasing the results, they can assist you with additional information as they are backed by vast resources and connections. If need be they can assist you to properly amend the birth certificate.
  6. The legal DNA testing Atlanta tests are fully accredited and strict guidelines are followed for legal acceptance.

Health Link Paramedical

At Health Link Paramedical, you can get information on the state’s legal requirements regarding DNA. Through a toll free call, they provide free personal consultation to help you decide which test is best suited to your situation. The DNA test Atlanta is guaranteed and AABB accredited. They can provide the paternity results as early as in 48 hours. These tests use the Dual Process that enforces a strict chain of custody procedure for legality. They carry out complex tests including testing of unusual samples. DNA testing of grand parents, uncle or aunt is performed to decide indirect paternity cases. The paternity of the unborn child is determined using amniocentesis samples. This testing is performed using the painless buccal swab in other cases.


Determigene has a reputation over 10 years being brokers for such testing all over the world. The services offered are for Immigration, Infidelity DNA testing in Atlanta and more. They use AABB accredited labs to collect and test the samples.

Atlanta has several accredited DNA testing services providing legal and other services. They can be contacted through a toll free number for consultation and appointment.

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