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Monday, January 21, 2008

DNA Testing Sites

There is a wealth of information in the DNA testing sites regarding the different tests and their purpose and benefits. The testing services are aimed at giving you peace of mind putting an end to paternal disputes. The tests are legally accepted to determine paternal and maternal ancestry. These DNA testing sites mainly provide consultancy regarding the tests and the numerous questions that arise out of the topic regarding confidentiality and other concerns. The testing sites offer the facility to order the Home sample collection kits. Most of them have online ordering systems and are secure and confidential. Some testing sites provide worldwide testing services.

Informative and Interactive

The following are some of the testing sites that contain valuable information about DNA testing and other related topics. Online consultation is provided by experts. The following sites are some important sites to visit and find the information he or she is looking for in connection with tests. Ancestry by DNA has some important links leading to some information packed DNA testing sites such as those listed below:

DNA Testing sites

Duerinck Surname DNA Project, Why DNA Testing For Genealogy and How To Manage It, Surname DNA Project Waiver/Release Form, DNA Storage Methods, Human Gene Patentability, Genetics and Privacy, Illinois Genetic Information Privacy Act, Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Analysis, Genetics and Human Migration Patterns (Genetic Anthropology), Medical Genetics and Genealogy: Genetic Diseases, Genetic Definitions etc. are some of the DNA related sites that are useful to those concerned.

Genetree is designed specifically to help in proving or disproving paternity legally for immigration or to settle child custody or child support issues. The AABB accredited lab makes available the legal test results in a courtroom compliant format within 7 days.

North America’s largest network of sample collection sites offer DNA testing services to local communities irrespective of where the testing participant resides.

The Family Tree DNA is US’s first genealogy based DNA testing service. The testing takes place in the Genomic Analysis & Technology Core (GATC) facility of the University of Arizona.

The DNA testing sites offer online ordering of testing and their tests are confidential and accurate. Most of the tests are done by accredited labs and are legally acceptable.

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