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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cheap DNA Testing

DNA testing is done for various purposes or just for confirms links to potential cousins or to find out which global ethnicity you belong to. In the recent times, these tests have become widely available thanks to advances in genetic research.

Guarantee and accuracy

The cost of tests usually can be around USD 225 to 350 per sample. There are ways to cut the cost anyway. These tests have become affordable but the quality of service may vary. Paying a little more for a guaranteed accuracy is a better option than going for cheap DNA Testing. The cheaper tests may carry out only analysis of 12 or less regions f instead of the 16 genetic regions that must be analyzed.

How to cut costs

The cost can be reduced without compromising on the quality of the test by shopping around and selecting a provider who gives many payment options like paying in installments. Others may offer discounted rates for multiple tests.

This testing is possible if the test is done at home, when the results are not intended for submitting in a court of law and are done only for personal concerns. The court admissible test is always twice more expensive because of the detailed nature of the report. It also involves a doctor for performing the sample collection which can add to the cost and vary depending on the doctors.

Test & analysis

The common practice of testing firms is to analyze about 10 to 26 genetic markers of a sample and using specialized applications of the data. African Ancestry charges a fee of USD 349 for tracing the genetic roots back to specific regions in Africa.

Simple, affordable and convenient cheap tests are available worldwide. These are tests that can be performed at home. This testing is painless and the accuracy is 99.99 percent. Most companies provide a free kit and charge only for the test report. It is important to choose the lab that does the cheap DNA testing to ensure the accuracy. Accredited labs with annual inspection are ideal for this purpose. Such testing services can be found through a search online.

DNA tests are now affordable but the quality of service and guarantee of accuracy must be ensured. The cheap DNA testing labs offer discounts and free testing kits.

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