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Thursday, January 17, 2008

DNA Testing Laboratories

Results from the DNA Testing Laboratories provide vital clues on paternity or maternity which issues relating to divorce, child custody, child support, immigration and ancestral origin to Native American for claiming entitlement to government benefits etc are resolved. The Testing Laboratories have nationwide collection centers or provide testing kits to the people with instructions on collecting the samples. These testing Laboratories ensure confidentiality and peace of mind to the test participants while establishing a person’s ancestral origin or relationship with siblings etc.

Services provided by DNA Testing Laboratories

DNA fingerprinting and Y chromosome (Y-DNA) Testing are performed by the Testing Laboratories. The DNA fingerprinting is done by using DNA extracted from the cells in samples of blood, semen, saliva and other appropriate tissue or fluid. In some cases the samples can be collected from personal items like tooth brush, razor etc. or banked specimen of sperm or biopsy tissue. Samples form biological relative and from identified human remains. The reference samples usually are collected from the buccal swab.

Beta Paternity DNA Laboratory

These testing laboratories provide the best in class testing for DNA paternity, which can be done easily and confidentially. The DNA testing laboratories is run by experienced and skilled doctorates with tremendous experience in DNA paternity testing for several decades. Within the United States, Beta Paternity has completed several thousands of tests. A testing kit can be requested online for easy and convenient collection of samples at the privacy of one’s own home. Free confidential consultation for all anytime and there is no age restriction.

GeneTree DNA Testing Laboratory

Being the business unit of Sorenson Genomics, GeneTree testing Laboratory is one among the world class genomics labs and globally acclaimed industry leader. This laboratory has been establishing definitive biological relationships by performing authentic testing. The DNA Testing Laboratory is accredited by AABB Parentage Testing Accreditation program and is proficient in conducting the tests. This lab has the accreditation from ISO for all its products and services from the Forensic Quality Services. The paternity test results are of very high levels as 99.99 percent and take only 3 to 10 business days.

The DNA Testing laboratories are manned by highly qualified experts. The test results are usually accurate and are accredited by the regulatory authorities.

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