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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dog DNA Test


It is very common that animals of same species resemble each other. However they have a different pattern in their genetics. The difference can be distinguished only through the DNA test. By way of doing the dog DNA test it will be get at the trait of the organism that are living. The test also confirms about the genetic pattern of the dog. This type of DNA is called genotype. This type of test is conducted with the help of the computer. The results of the test are much authenticated.

Benefits of dog DNA test

There are many benefits of such a test. Some of the benefits of the dog DNA test are that the pedigree of the dog is ensured. The parentage of the dog can be traced. The cost of the dog can also be easily traced out. The originality of the type of the dog can be protected since the original branded dogs has more value. The following are some of the procedure followed to conduct the test.

Procedure of Dog DNA test

1. The procedure of this test is very simple. The sample is collected from the cheek cells which are available between the gums and cheeks of the dog with the help of the nylon brush these cells are called the buccel cells. The test can also be taken from the hair, blood and skin of the dog. However the buccel cells of the cheek are preferred for best results.

2 The next procedure of the test is that the cells from the dog are preserved and later the cells of the dog are broke open and the DNA is taken out of it. The DNA is heated and a 50 micro liters of sodium hydroxide is added which helps to break the cells. Later it is mixed with NaOH and is put into a vortex machine and rotated for a minute. This will separate the DNA from other mixtures. Thus the results are obtained of dog DNA test.

The dog DNA test is conducted to identify the type of dog and the genetics of the dog. The test also helps to diagnose any disease in the dog. The test also helps to detect the parentage of an unborn puppy.

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