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Friday, November 30, 2007

Parental DNA Test


The parental DNA test is done to bring about the fact of the legal and the biological relationship between the parents and the child. Though this test is done for a formal reason in certain places, there are certain situations where the test may be made compulsory by the government. This type of parental DNA test is done when the child is born in another country and does not carry any evidence, that the child is the son of the citizen of the country. During such cases this parental test is conducted. Though this type of test will be troubling the parents and leave the parents in an embracing situation in certain cases, this test is mandatory.

Parental DNA test arrangements

Usually this type of test is done at the lab. To conduct the parental DNA test the blood samples of both the parents are collected. These blood samples are collected for the purpose of exclusive parentage testing. Later the test is done with the help of the cells lying on the inside of the mouth. These types of cells are collected through a cotton swab. Samples which are taken from a deceased person can also be used for the purpose of conducting this test.

Parental DNA test- procedure

The procedure for the test is very simple. The laboratory collects the sample of blood of both the parents and the child. As soon as the blood samples are received by the lab the same is used in the test. There are many types of parental DNA tests and they are the Nuclear DNA test and the Mitochondrial DNA. All these tests can be conducted for the purpose of doing this test.

Nuclear DNA testing

There is a nuclear DNA within the nucleus cell. These nuclear DNA has certain sequence which is called as chromosomes. To conduct the parental DNA test, half part of the nuclear DNA is taken from the mother of the child and another half part of the nuclear DNA is taken from the father of the child.

The parental DNA testing is done by some people under certain circumstance. However this test is waived off when there is an understanding between the parents.

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