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Friday, December 7, 2007

Ancestral DNA Testing

Scientific research has uncovered the mystery behind about our ancestral roots, their place of origin and where they moved to and many other details. The ancestral DNA testing is the most advanced method available today to establish your ethnic ancestry. There are many different kinds of test that can tell you even the percentage of ancestral origin in a mixed parentage.

Types of tests

Autosomal DNA: The sample is taken from the mother and father and Ancestry DNA 2.5 and Euro 1.0 are performed.

Paternal DNA: Y-SNP is a test that is carried out on the Y chromosome that is passed from father to son. The direct paternal line can be traced back with the detailed Y-SNP test through which you can discover where your father’s ancestors came from and when and where they migrated to.

Maternal DNA: mtDNA test is performed on the mtDNA that is passed from mother to all her children. This test establishes through the detailed mtDNA test, the origins of mother and mother’s mother and know when and where they migrated.

Ancestry by DNA 2.5

Ancestral DNA testing checks your Autosomal DNA to determine your exact ancestral origin such as Native American, European, East Asian or African. This test can even tell you the percentage of that specific ethnic background.

Euro-DNA 2.0

This testing goes deep into the DNA’s exact location of European origin. This test can point to South Easter European SEE, Basque (BAS), Iberian (IB), Northeastern European (NEE) and Continental European (CE) ancestry.

Euro-DNA 1.0

Another test called Euro-DNA 1.0, traces other regional ethnic ancestry like Northern European, Middle Eastern, Southeastern European (Mediterranean) and south Asian.

World DNA Match

This World DNA Match compares and establishes your ancestral links to any of the populations across the globe.

The uses of Ancestral DNA Testing

This form of testing has become a most common procedure today to resolve familial and relationship issues. These findings are admissible in court if the test is performed by government accredited professional service providers.

Thanks to science and technology, we can uncover the secret of our origin using Ancestral DNA testing. These tests are admissible in court for resolving issues regarding paternity or ethnicity.

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