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Saturday, January 5, 2008

DNA Testing Florida

Genetic testing has evolved with new cutting edge technology to assist in validating a person’s eligibility for government benefits as a person of Native American descent or to satisfy your curiosity on ancestry. Ancestry DNA test is the only scientific method available today to establish your genetic roots. This is useful to adopted persons and those with paternity or blood relationship issues.

Florida DNA testing

DNA testing Florida for legal purposes requires that collection of all samples must be performed by a competent person or the DNA collector who has no interest in the outcome of the test. Florida has some of the most advanced and accredited testing services.


There are several testing collection centers in Florida. GeneTree arranges to collect your test samples at any of their collection centers by a professional sample collector. If there is no center near your location, they can arrange a collector conveniently located near you. An appointment can be fixed calling 888-404-4363. The DNA collector will send the samples by express delivery to their laboratory and the results will be available within 7 business days.

DNA Testing Solutions

DNA Testing Florida provides worldwide services in Paternity Testing and Forensic Testing. Top media outlets use their services provided through over 3000 sample collection centers nationwide.

Ancestry DNA Testing

DNA Testing Solutions also specialize in Native American and Ancestry testing for the people of Florida. Through these most advanced tests, a person can establish his Native American heritage to claim his entitlement to government benefits. Florida DNA testing are mostly 99.99 percent accurate and legally binding.

Percentage of Ancestry

It is possible to confirm the ancestral heritage and the percentage of genetic ancestry through this test. The four broad ethnic groups that can be established are Native Americans who migrated to North and South America, Indo-Europeans who migrated from Europe, Middle East and South Asia, Indians, East Asians like Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other Pacific Islanders and the Africans who originated from Sub-Saharan region.

Florida has several accredited DNA testing services. The test results are most accurate and legally accepted, bringing peace of mind and government benefits to many.

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