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Saturday, December 29, 2007

DNA Testing Companies

DNA testing becomes imperative in many situations. It can resolve any doubts regarding paternity or to put to rest legal issues like adoption, provision of maintenance for child support and custody of a child etc. Some of these testing companies provide tests only for peace of mind or curiosity and are not accepted in a court of law. Legal DNA tests are carried out by several DNA testing companies strictly following the norms stipulated by the regulatory authorities. The accredited testing companies have Geneticists with Doctorate qualifications to perform tests with the highest level of accuracy. Let us explore some of the well known DNA testing companies.

Roots for Real

Roots for Real are a UK based testing company offering mtDNA testing services. This test is focused on maternal ancestry through mother and mother’s mother and so on.

Gene Tree

Gene Tree offers an interesting collection of DNA tests for ‘Close Kin” such as siblings, grandparents etc. The test results report the percentage of the probability of your relationship. Offspring from the same mother with a response of 50 percent indicate different fathers and 98 percent and above indicate they are from the same father. (Full siblings).

Family Tree DNA

Sponsor of, this testing company offers a wide range of mtDNA, Y-DNA and ethnic oriented tests. The tests aimed at establishing paternal or other genetic relationships.

African Ancestry

African Ancestry is a DNA testing company that provides Y-DNA and mtDNA tests and also compares the results with a proprietary database of African DNA samples. They are able to indicate a tribal or geographic origin in Africa.

DNAPrint Genomics

Services of DNAPrint Genomics help in breaking down the ancestral roots to geographic categories such as Indo-European or Native American etc. They also offer in depth European-centered DNA tests.

The Paternity Company

Performing the tests in their own accredited laboratory, the Paternity Company’s results are accurate and conclusive. It is one of Europe’s leading DNA testing companies being the market leader in UK. The test results are legally binding and come with money back guarantee.

DNA testing companies offer a wide variety of services depending upon the needs of the clients, some for legal purposes and others for peace of mind. The tests establish a person’s ethnic origin and even indicate the percentage of different ancestry.

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