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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Legal DNA Test

The recently discovered genetic markers help us in tracing our ancestry and provide us with more information about the genetic roots. The segments that carry this genetic information are called genes. Legal DNA test results performed under strict regulations are accepted in courts of law.

Purposes of Legal DNA test

Legal DNA test is carried out to establish paternity for settling family issues, prove sibblingship or for resolving inheritance disputes, and in the case of adoption and immigration etc. The test is required as proof of paternity in the court of law doe child support and child custody and related cases.

Legal DNA test procedure

Legal DNA test requires strictly following procedures as set forth by the AABB, American Association of Blood Banks and ISO and the tests follow a strict chain of custody. The procedures for legal the test are:

  • The samples are collected by a trained professional in the presence of a neutral third party.
  • The tested parties should submit proper identification documents at the time of sample collection.
  • The samples should be sealed with tamper tape at the collection site and secured packaged and shipped to the lab. The samples are tested for tamper before testing.

DNA Testing Direct

DNA Testing Direct and Sorenson Genomics are providing Legal DNA testing services in 70 countries and the US and UK since 1997. These tests are designed specially for use in the court of law with 99.9999 percent proof of paternity with an accuracy of 100 percent. This test is affordable, easy and fast.

DNA Worldwide Group

The legal DNA tests of DNA Worldwide Group are ISO 9001 certified, GMP approved and FDA inspected and meet the best of standards available in the world. Their testing center is AABB compliant and ISO 17025 accredited using the state of the art computer system that uses Oracle database with most secure hosting.

DNA Bioscience

This is the leading legal DNA testing service with a 100 percent track record for accurate and reliable results with professionalism and efficiency it is recognized for its ISO 170125 standards.

Legal paternity test is used to settle family and relationship issues in courts. The Legal DNA tests are performed following strict procedures with witnessed documentation of the identity of tested parties.

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