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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Free DNA Paternity Test


There are two types of free paternity DNA tests; they are the legal paternity test and the in home paternity test. This test is conducted for the purpose of determining the biological father of a child. The legal free paternity test is conducted at the DNA clinics where as the in home test is conducted at home by collecting the samples from home. However the results obtained through this paternity test are only accepted in the court of law and by any other government organizations.

Free DNA Paternity Test: Overview

Though every child is born with some similarities between the father and the child, the test is conducted to find out who the actual father of the child is. The test named IDENTIGENE is conducted during the process of the paternity test. The process of this type of test is very simple and stress free. During the time of the test, the sample of the mouth swab is collected by the use of painless mouth swab.

Free DNA Paternity Test: Accuracy

The rate of success of this test comes with 100% accuracy. The IDENTIGENE test in the process of paternity test is very strict and follows strict guide lines at the laboratory. This type of test provides high quality and accurate test results. The court of law does accept the results obtained through this paternity test.

Free DNA Paternity Test: Procedure

The procedure for free DNA parental test is as follows: The test can be done on the fourth month of pregnancy. For conducting such a test there are two ways of collecting the samples from the child in the mother’s womb they are Amniocentesis or the Chorionic villi sampling. This test is done at the fourth month of pregnancy. During this type of test, the doctor extracts the amniotic fluid from around the baby. This is extracted by inserting a needle via the abdomen of the mother.

The free DNA paternity test is very common in the world. Despite the fact the test helps to determine the biological father of the child it also helps to determine the health of the to be born child and any complications during pregnancy can also be detected and rectified.

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