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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Home DNA Test Kits

Home DNA kits are used to collect DNA samples at home for testing in the laboratories. These kits have enough supplies to collect samples from three participants. The process of specimen collection using these Test kits is simple and painless. The collection process involves collecting a swab from the cheek of the participant. Most of the testing services have nationwide sample collection centers. The tests results are accepted in the courts as proof of a person’s claim to his ancestral heritage. The benefits of this test are many such as in divorce, child custody and entitlement to economic benefits for people of Native American origin.


GeneTree offers free GeneSwab specimen collection kits and their testing is accurate, affordable and convenient. These test kits contain easy to follow instructions to collect samples. Genetree assures complete privacy and confidentiality. The test results are high quality at competitive prices and obtained within 3 to 9 days.

Swift Response

Swift Response is a testing service helps in resolving genetic issues by providing individuals with easy and reliable Home DNA testing kits. These Test kits can be used in the convenience of your home to collect buccal swab sample for testing. Testing is performed by accredited laboratory strictly adhering to the standards set by the Parentage Committee of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Their test result offers peace of mind but no guarantee of court acceptance though they have found court acceptance in many instances.

DNA Security

The test kits from DNA Security revolutionized the testing industry in 1998. The testing is done in their state-of- the -art laboratory that ensures 99.99% accuracy of results for all paternity tests. The accurate and confidential results are made available in 3 to 5 days. The Home DNA Test kits can be used for paternity testing, sibling testing, motherless paternity testing, twin testing and for grandparent testing. The results are vital in cases of child support or child custody, adoption, identity and immigration. These kits allow collection of samples up to 3 specimens.

The DNA testing kits are used to collect specimen in the convenience and privacy of one’s home. The testing services provide confidential and accurate services that are legally accepted.

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