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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Immigration DNA Testing

Legal residency and citizenship can be established through Immigration DNA testing. There are specific legal guidelines for paternity testing stipulated by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and International Standards Organization (ISO). The INS and Department of Human Services accepts the Immigration DNA testing from AABB and ISO accredited labs as proof of ethnicity.


GTL is an accredited by the INS and Department of Human Services as a supplier for immigration DNA testing. The services include result interpretation as per request to immigration clients, government agencies and local embassies worldwide. GTL offers consultation for immigration ensuring the selection of the most appropriate family members for verification with accuracy. This testing involves testing for either paternity or maternity and DNA relationship test is carried out to identify a genetic relationship with a family member other than the father and mother such as an aunt or uncle. GTL can be contacted through a tool free telephone from anywhere in the world and the cost is $550 for most of the embassy locations plus international shipping charges for the delivery of the test report.

DNA Testing Center, Inc.

This center offers immigration DNA testing services strictly adhering to the US Consulates immigration requirements. Clients are assigned quick appointments and fast results within 3 to 5 business days. This testing is performed by an AABB accredited laboratory. They utilize the worldwide sample collection sites. The sample collection kits are shipped the same day of receiving the order. Once you have completed the order form online, a case manager will contact you to discuss your situation and will schedule your test. Details can be had calling their toll free number from within and outside the USA or by email to


Genelex specializes in testing for establishing citizenship rights and offers Immigration DNA testing services. They have a decade of experience in resolving complex international cases. The records are kept indefinitely for future testimony and documentation. Multiple options for immigration testing such as kinship, new born, deceased and motherless etc. are available.

The INS and the Department of Human Services accept Immigration DNA Testing as proof of a person’s ethnicity or relationship to a citizen. This testing is performed by accredited labs collecting samples from embassy locations worldwide.

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