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Saturday, December 29, 2007

DNA Testing Companies

DNA testing becomes imperative in many situations. It can resolve any doubts regarding paternity or to put to rest legal issues like adoption, provision of maintenance for child support and custody of a child etc. Some of these testing companies provide tests only for peace of mind or curiosity and are not accepted in a court of law. Legal DNA tests are carried out by several DNA testing companies strictly following the norms stipulated by the regulatory authorities. The accredited testing companies have Geneticists with Doctorate qualifications to perform tests with the highest level of accuracy. Let us explore some of the well known DNA testing companies.

Roots for Real

Roots for Real are a UK based testing company offering mtDNA testing services. This test is focused on maternal ancestry through mother and mother’s mother and so on.

Gene Tree

Gene Tree offers an interesting collection of DNA tests for ‘Close Kin” such as siblings, grandparents etc. The test results report the percentage of the probability of your relationship. Offspring from the same mother with a response of 50 percent indicate different fathers and 98 percent and above indicate they are from the same father. (Full siblings).

Family Tree DNA

Sponsor of, this testing company offers a wide range of mtDNA, Y-DNA and ethnic oriented tests. The tests aimed at establishing paternal or other genetic relationships.

African Ancestry

African Ancestry is a DNA testing company that provides Y-DNA and mtDNA tests and also compares the results with a proprietary database of African DNA samples. They are able to indicate a tribal or geographic origin in Africa.

DNAPrint Genomics

Services of DNAPrint Genomics help in breaking down the ancestral roots to geographic categories such as Indo-European or Native American etc. They also offer in depth European-centered DNA tests.

The Paternity Company

Performing the tests in their own accredited laboratory, the Paternity Company’s results are accurate and conclusive. It is one of Europe’s leading DNA testing companies being the market leader in UK. The test results are legally binding and come with money back guarantee.

DNA testing companies offer a wide variety of services depending upon the needs of the clients, some for legal purposes and others for peace of mind. The tests establish a person’s ethnic origin and even indicate the percentage of different ancestry.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DNA Testing Atlanta

Atlanta DNA center, Inc. has been in the industry for several years and has solved thousands of personal and legal questions of paternity and biological relationships. They can prove or disprove a biological relationship quickly and conveniently through DNA testing Atlanta tests for paternity, maternity, sibblingship or grand parentage etc.

Services offered

  1. Interact with you to assess your need and choose the best test for you.
  2. Supply you with the necessary materials for the collection of samples and even offer the collection service. The Paternity kits are free for personal DNA testing.
  3. Offer the highest accuracy in the tests that are handled by well trained lab technicians through state of the art equipment and certified labs. The tests are done twice to ensure accuracy.
  4. The results are available within 3 to 5 business days.
  5. After releasing the results, they can assist you with additional information as they are backed by vast resources and connections. If need be they can assist you to properly amend the birth certificate.
  6. The legal DNA testing Atlanta tests are fully accredited and strict guidelines are followed for legal acceptance.

Health Link Paramedical

At Health Link Paramedical, you can get information on the state’s legal requirements regarding DNA. Through a toll free call, they provide free personal consultation to help you decide which test is best suited to your situation. The DNA test Atlanta is guaranteed and AABB accredited. They can provide the paternity results as early as in 48 hours. These tests use the Dual Process that enforces a strict chain of custody procedure for legality. They carry out complex tests including testing of unusual samples. DNA testing of grand parents, uncle or aunt is performed to decide indirect paternity cases. The paternity of the unborn child is determined using amniocentesis samples. This testing is performed using the painless buccal swab in other cases.


Determigene has a reputation over 10 years being brokers for such testing all over the world. The services offered are for Immigration, Infidelity DNA testing in Atlanta and more. They use AABB accredited labs to collect and test the samples.

Atlanta has several accredited DNA testing services providing legal and other services. They can be contacted through a toll free number for consultation and appointment.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

DNA Test While Pregnant

With the advances in the genetic studies, DNA tests have become very common. Now these tests allow non intrusive and more convenient collection of samples from the pregnant woman. This easy procedure leads to highly accurate test results and is widely used all over the world. If there is a question about identifying a child’s father, paternity test can resolve the issue. DNA testing while pregnant is 99.99 percent accurate in proving paternity.

This test can be performed on the unborn child through two different tests, known as Amniocentesis and Chorioinic villus sampling CVS)


Generally amniocentesis is performed during later stage in pregnancy. In this procedure, 10 ml of amniotic fluid is withdrawn by the obstetrician using a needle and ultrasound scan. Amniotic fluid is ideal for paternity testing as they are highly accurate. There is minimal risk involved in having this procedure as the needle can harm the baby or there is a chance of miscarriage. It may also cause vaginal bleeding and cramping. However, a totally risk free procedure is to test the blood cord samples taken at the time of child’s birth.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)

Chorionic Villus Sampling is performed during early stages of pregnancy, generally in the 8th to 13th week. The procedure involves inserting a catheter through the cervix to take a sample by gentle suction. The ultrasound helps in guiding the tube to the exact location to collect the tissues. This procedure is performed by the obstetrician to get a small quantity of fetal chorionic villi, the trophoblastic tissue that is used in paternity test. Chorionic villi are from the same fertilized egg where the fetus also comes from and has the same DNA structure as the baby. DNA tests while pregnant using this method is as accurate as the tests done after the birth of the child.

The cost of DNA test while pregnant

This test on the unborn baby is usually expensive. The two procedures described above can cost around USD 1000 to 2000. This fee is not eligible for insurance claim. Moreover these tests require a doctor’s recommendation to have the test done.

It is now possible to perform DNA test while pregnant if the paternity of the child is in question. The procedures should be done only on the recommendation of a doctor.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DNA Paternity Tests

DNA paternity tests can reveal who the biological father of a child is. Thetests are confidential, accurate, fast and easy. The tests by accredited labs are accepted in courts for purposes of determining paternity, for child custody or for child support. Many other family issues, immigration, adoption and ancestry questions are solved using this test. The testing labs are governed by the strict guidelines of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), and ISO. These accredited labs follow stringent procedures for the tests so as to be legally binding and highly accurate.

Simple Collection Procedure

The collection of DNA samples from the testing parties involves a simple process of collecting the buccal swabs from the inside of the mouth. The client can order a home collection kit and have the procedure done by a trained professional in the privacy of his home in the presence of neutral third party. Most of the testing services provide the collection kits with instructions. The sample collected is sent to the labs and the results are normally available within days.


Being the testing industry leader since the year 1987, Genelex has been offering accurate, affordable and confidential testing services. Genelex provides a wide range of Paternity DNA tests including kinship analysis, parental paternity testing and grandpaternity testing. Their tests have helped in resolving cases in connection with major crimes, child custody, child support, inheritance and immigration. It is one of the few testing labs in the world that has dual accreditation for clinical laboratory and for the tests.

DNA Testing Direct

This test has helped thousands of customers since 1997 and are world leaders in DNA testing. Their tests are designed for use in the court of law as they are highly accurate. Convenient and fast, they have over 3000 collection sites across the globe. They offer the DNA paternity Tests with 100 percent accuracy and Quality Guarantee. There are several types of tests that suit different needs and situations of the testing participants.

When a child’s paternity is in doubt, DNA paternity tests help in identifying the true biological father of the child. This test is fast, convenient and accurate.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

DNA Blood Tests

The American Association of Blood Banks, AABB is continuously expanding its parentage testing certification and inspection program. In this program both traditional parentage blood testing procedures and the procedures for DNA testing are included. DNA parentage blood tests can achieve an even higher exclusion rate of parentage ratio than conventional parentage. In the blood cells, the nuclear DNA contains sequences that make up chromosomes. One half of the nuclear DNA is inherited from the mother and the other half from the father. Nuclear DNA tests provide an alternative to the conventional parentage blood testing methods. This testing does not require the use of live blood samples. This makes it possible to ship the samples to any distance hence useful in international cases.

DNA Biochip

The match-box sized biochip delivers results of blood tests immediately contrary to conventional tests the results of which come after several days. The biochip was developed by the Department of Energy’s at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This could revolutionize the way blood tests are performed by medical profession. The test results can indicate AIDS virus, tuberculosis, Cancer or other diseases immediately. Apart from saving time, the biochip does not require radioactive labels for detection. This reduces not only cost but also potential health risks to technicians in the lab who handle the samples to perform tests. The biochip has a sophisticated recognition capability like a living system.

DNA Blood test for Colon Cancer

The team at Johns Hopkins University has developed a blood test to detect Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Gene at elevated levels. This blood test effectively detects the gene in patients of advanced stage colorectal cancers and in 60 percent of early stage cancers. Non-invasive blood tests as simple as a needle prick and screen for cancer with the new DNA Blood Test. Early detection and treatment is crucial to conquering cancer and this blood test is a welcome invention.

New DNA Blood test to diagnose Prostate Cancer

Scientists at St. George’s, University of London are experimenting with a blood test that uses DNA markers to identify prostate cancer from the bloodstream.

Scientific Research in the field of testing through DNA blood test is achieving newer and better ways of detecting dreadful diseases like cancer. They are cost effective, quick and convenient and simple methods which are beneficial to patients and medical professionals.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Child DNA Test

The paternity DNA testing is increasingly becoming popular in the American society. The child DNA test is the most reliable form of determining paternity today. The results from accredited labs are admissible in courts of law.

Uses of Child DNA testing

This is done for resolving familial issues legally or in the case of child custody, child support or immigration etc. Paternity can now be established before the child is born by this test. It is sometimes performed to see confirm if twins are identical or fraternal and for confirming grand parentage and sibblingship and in adoption.

Prenatal DNA Testing

Paternity can now be proved before the child is born by Prenatal DNA testing. This testing is done by testing the samples from the mother, the alleged father and the unborn child. The sample from the unborn child is collected using a method called amniocentesis or CVS. It involves removing a small sample of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus, in the 14th to 24th week of pregnancy. The samples from the parents are collected from the inside of the mouth. Depending on whether a court admissible result is needed or not, the test procedures vary. The court admissible test involves proof of identities of the tested persons and a neutral witness during collection of samples. Because of some questions and concerns having been raised about the safety of the fetus, the testing labs now offer non-invasive methods.

Beta Paternity DNA Laboratory

Skilled PhDs with years of experience run this Laboratory providing fast, accurate and affordable child DNA testing results. The state of the art lab offers testing with complete confidentiality and ease. This test can be performed on a child at any time and age as there is no age restriction. The DNA sample collection is painless for all ages of children. This test is performed either using cheek cell samples or hair follicles. The collection kits are sent to you with instructions and the collected sample is sent to their labs for testing.

Paternity issues are resolved using child DNA test which is becoming increasingly popular. The procedures involve simple painless procedures to collect the samples of even an unborn child.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cheap DNA Testing

DNA testing is done for various purposes or just for confirms links to potential cousins or to find out which global ethnicity you belong to. In the recent times, these tests have become widely available thanks to advances in genetic research.

Guarantee and accuracy

The cost of tests usually can be around USD 225 to 350 per sample. There are ways to cut the cost anyway. These tests have become affordable but the quality of service may vary. Paying a little more for a guaranteed accuracy is a better option than going for cheap DNA Testing. The cheaper tests may carry out only analysis of 12 or less regions f instead of the 16 genetic regions that must be analyzed.

How to cut costs

The cost can be reduced without compromising on the quality of the test by shopping around and selecting a provider who gives many payment options like paying in installments. Others may offer discounted rates for multiple tests.

This testing is possible if the test is done at home, when the results are not intended for submitting in a court of law and are done only for personal concerns. The court admissible test is always twice more expensive because of the detailed nature of the report. It also involves a doctor for performing the sample collection which can add to the cost and vary depending on the doctors.

Test & analysis

The common practice of testing firms is to analyze about 10 to 26 genetic markers of a sample and using specialized applications of the data. African Ancestry charges a fee of USD 349 for tracing the genetic roots back to specific regions in Africa.

Simple, affordable and convenient cheap tests are available worldwide. These are tests that can be performed at home. This testing is painless and the accuracy is 99.99 percent. Most companies provide a free kit and charge only for the test report. It is important to choose the lab that does the cheap DNA testing to ensure the accuracy. Accredited labs with annual inspection are ideal for this purpose. Such testing services can be found through a search online.

DNA tests are now affordable but the quality of service and guarantee of accuracy must be ensured. The cheap DNA testing labs offer discounts and free testing kits.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Ancestral DNA Testing

Scientific research has uncovered the mystery behind about our ancestral roots, their place of origin and where they moved to and many other details. The ancestral DNA testing is the most advanced method available today to establish your ethnic ancestry. There are many different kinds of test that can tell you even the percentage of ancestral origin in a mixed parentage.

Types of tests

Autosomal DNA: The sample is taken from the mother and father and Ancestry DNA 2.5 and Euro 1.0 are performed.

Paternal DNA: Y-SNP is a test that is carried out on the Y chromosome that is passed from father to son. The direct paternal line can be traced back with the detailed Y-SNP test through which you can discover where your father’s ancestors came from and when and where they migrated to.

Maternal DNA: mtDNA test is performed on the mtDNA that is passed from mother to all her children. This test establishes through the detailed mtDNA test, the origins of mother and mother’s mother and know when and where they migrated.

Ancestry by DNA 2.5

Ancestral DNA testing checks your Autosomal DNA to determine your exact ancestral origin such as Native American, European, East Asian or African. This test can even tell you the percentage of that specific ethnic background.

Euro-DNA 2.0

This testing goes deep into the DNA’s exact location of European origin. This test can point to South Easter European SEE, Basque (BAS), Iberian (IB), Northeastern European (NEE) and Continental European (CE) ancestry.

Euro-DNA 1.0

Another test called Euro-DNA 1.0, traces other regional ethnic ancestry like Northern European, Middle Eastern, Southeastern European (Mediterranean) and south Asian.

World DNA Match

This World DNA Match compares and establishes your ancestral links to any of the populations across the globe.

The uses of Ancestral DNA Testing

This form of testing has become a most common procedure today to resolve familial and relationship issues. These findings are admissible in court if the test is performed by government accredited professional service providers.

Thanks to science and technology, we can uncover the secret of our origin using Ancestral DNA testing. These tests are admissible in court for resolving issues regarding paternity or ethnicity.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

African DNA Testing

Genetic research is now able to solve the riddles of one’s ancestral roots and where their ancestors belonged, through African DNA testing.

Databases and Records of African Ancestry

Howard University in Washington D.C. being a historically black college has put together the largest of African DNA testing records collection comprising of about 3,800 samples from West and Central Africa. This collection mainly concentrates on the ethnic groups in the areas from where most of the ancestors came as slaves to the United States. The Howard University also plans to offer genetic testing to determine African Ancestry and the region of their origin. The Cambridge University Press of North America also offers a CD-ROM that contains the records of 27,233 slave ship voyages that took place between 1595 and 1866. Later editions included up to 80 percent of the ship voyages from Africa carrying the slaves to the US.

African Americans and their origin in Africa

Most of the blacks that were brought to the US were from Western Africa, today known as Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana and Sierra Leone. A few slaves were brought from the Gambia and Senegal, the Congo River basin and from Angola. After being brought to the US, they were divided and mixed with other tribal groups so that they lost their tribal connections quickly.

The slave records were maintained in detail as they were considered to be valuable property and the investors were careful to account for their money. Many interesting patterns can be seen in these figures. The blacks from eastern Nigeria used to be a leading ethnic group in Virginia. The slaves from Senegambia (Senegal and Gambia today) were more prominent tribes in Carolinas. The Carolina rice planters might have favored slaves already familiar with rice growing that was in existence in Senegambia. Varied African populations landed in Cuba and Barbados. Central America received slave populations mostly from the Gold Coast, which is now known as Benin, Togo and Ghana.

Mitochondrial Ancestry

The Mitochondrial Ancestry Report reveals a person’s maternal line’s deep history and the likely African lineage if the person’s mother is of African ancestry. The African DNA testing matches reveal the tribal affiliation of both male and females.

It is now possible to trace the African roots of African Americans and the exact African region where there ancestors belonged to. The African DNA testing establishes the various tribal groups from Africa and the records of slave ship voyages contain details about those ethnic groups.

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