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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Genealogical DNA Test

Genealogical DNA test is performed on a person’s DNA for genetic genealogy purposes. The Genealogical Tests can determine if two people are related by testing the samples of living individuals. After being popularized by high-profile criminal cases and paternity disputes, DNA tests are today used most commonly to prove a relationship with a person. More tests have made it possible to determine ancestry as DNA is passed down from parents to children can create an unbreakable link between generations. This testing can establish genetic history or roots of an individual.

Uses of DNA Test

This test can determine whether two people are related; it can determine if two individuals have the same ancestor; it also can find out if you are related to other with the same surname as yours; it can help to establish the family tree or disprove it. The tests can provide clues to your ethnic origins.

Test procedure

A genealogical DNA test involves a simple and painless procedure of taking a cheek scrapping or buccal swab. The sample is collected from the home of the tested person and mailed to the lab that performs the test. Some labs use mouth wash or chewing gum as samples and some labs offer to store the samples for future testing.

There are two basic types of genealogical DNA testing namely mtDNA tests and Y-Line tests.

mtDNA tests

Mitochondrial DNA also known as mtDNA is present in the cytoplasm of the cell. This DNA is passed from the mother to all her children. This mtDNA is same as your mother and her mother and so on. If two people have the same mtDNA it means that the two have the same maternal ancestry.

Y Line tests

In the recent times the Y chromosome in the nucleus of DNA is used to prove family ties. Only available to makes, Y line DNA tests are used by those who share the same surname to know if they share a common ancestor. Y chromosomes are passed from father to son, creating a distinctive pattern that distinguishes the lineage of one male from the other.

The popularity of DNA tests in high profile cases has resulted in it being most commonly used for various purposes. The genealogical DNA tests are useful in establishing the relationship of two living individuals and to know if they share the same ancestor.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Forensic DNA Testing

Fingerprinting was the most accurate way to identify a suspect at the scene of a crime. But in the recent times, Forensic DNA testing that is more accurate method of identifying individual especially in connection with crime detection. Even though it takes usually several weeks to know the test results due to enormous work involved in matching the base pair sequences, it is extremely accurate and the odds of going wrong is 350 million to one.

Legal Acceptance

Forensic DNA testing is accepted as the most accurate form of scientific evidence legally. An examination of the DNA sequences of any organism can lead to the identification of its specific species.

Uses of Forensic DNA testing

Forensic DNA testing has made a big breakthrough in tracking suspects in a crime as it can match evidence left at the scene of crime accurately to identify the criminal. Persons wrongly accused of crimes can be exonerated. This testing is very useful in identifying crime victims and also catastrophe victims. This testing can establish paternity and family relationships. This testing helps in detecting bacteria and other organisms that may pollute air, soil, water and food. These tests play a meaningful role in identifying endangered or protected species to help wildlife authorities in prosecuting poachers. In organ transplant cases, DNA testing can match the donors with the recipients. Other uses include authentication of consumables such as wine and caviar and determining the pedigree for breeds of seed and livestock.

Technologies used in Forensic DNA testing

Usually, RELP, PCR Analysis, STR Analysis, Mitochondrial DNA Analysis and Y-Chromosome Analysis are the kinds of tests used in Forensic DNA testing.

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism, RELP is a technique that analyzes the variable lengths of DNA fragments obtained by digesting a sample with a special enzyme. Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR helps to make millions of identical copies of DNA form a biological sample. A standard set of 13 specific STR regions is used by the FBI to use the profiles from convicted offenders as evidence from crime scenes or missing persons. Other tests are useful in identifying paternity or ancestry.

DNA testing is the most accurate evidence legally accepted to identify a criminal or suspect. Forensic DNA tests are useful in saving innocent lives and victims of crime and catastrophe.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

DNA Testing Sites

There is a wealth of information in the DNA testing sites regarding the different tests and their purpose and benefits. The testing services are aimed at giving you peace of mind putting an end to paternal disputes. The tests are legally accepted to determine paternal and maternal ancestry. These DNA testing sites mainly provide consultancy regarding the tests and the numerous questions that arise out of the topic regarding confidentiality and other concerns. The testing sites offer the facility to order the Home sample collection kits. Most of them have online ordering systems and are secure and confidential. Some testing sites provide worldwide testing services.

Informative and Interactive

The following are some of the testing sites that contain valuable information about DNA testing and other related topics. Online consultation is provided by experts. The following sites are some important sites to visit and find the information he or she is looking for in connection with tests. Ancestry by DNA has some important links leading to some information packed DNA testing sites such as those listed below:

DNA Testing sites

Duerinck Surname DNA Project, Why DNA Testing For Genealogy and How To Manage It, Surname DNA Project Waiver/Release Form, DNA Storage Methods, Human Gene Patentability, Genetics and Privacy, Illinois Genetic Information Privacy Act, Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Analysis, Genetics and Human Migration Patterns (Genetic Anthropology), Medical Genetics and Genealogy: Genetic Diseases, Genetic Definitions etc. are some of the DNA related sites that are useful to those concerned.

Genetree is designed specifically to help in proving or disproving paternity legally for immigration or to settle child custody or child support issues. The AABB accredited lab makes available the legal test results in a courtroom compliant format within 7 days.

North America’s largest network of sample collection sites offer DNA testing services to local communities irrespective of where the testing participant resides.

The Family Tree DNA is US’s first genealogy based DNA testing service. The testing takes place in the Genomic Analysis & Technology Core (GATC) facility of the University of Arizona.

The DNA testing sites offer online ordering of testing and their tests are confidential and accurate. Most of the tests are done by accredited labs and are legally acceptable.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

DNA Testing Laboratories

Results from the DNA Testing Laboratories provide vital clues on paternity or maternity which issues relating to divorce, child custody, child support, immigration and ancestral origin to Native American for claiming entitlement to government benefits etc are resolved. The Testing Laboratories have nationwide collection centers or provide testing kits to the people with instructions on collecting the samples. These testing Laboratories ensure confidentiality and peace of mind to the test participants while establishing a person’s ancestral origin or relationship with siblings etc.

Services provided by DNA Testing Laboratories

DNA fingerprinting and Y chromosome (Y-DNA) Testing are performed by the Testing Laboratories. The DNA fingerprinting is done by using DNA extracted from the cells in samples of blood, semen, saliva and other appropriate tissue or fluid. In some cases the samples can be collected from personal items like tooth brush, razor etc. or banked specimen of sperm or biopsy tissue. Samples form biological relative and from identified human remains. The reference samples usually are collected from the buccal swab.

Beta Paternity DNA Laboratory

These testing laboratories provide the best in class testing for DNA paternity, which can be done easily and confidentially. The DNA testing laboratories is run by experienced and skilled doctorates with tremendous experience in DNA paternity testing for several decades. Within the United States, Beta Paternity has completed several thousands of tests. A testing kit can be requested online for easy and convenient collection of samples at the privacy of one’s own home. Free confidential consultation for all anytime and there is no age restriction.

GeneTree DNA Testing Laboratory

Being the business unit of Sorenson Genomics, GeneTree testing Laboratory is one among the world class genomics labs and globally acclaimed industry leader. This laboratory has been establishing definitive biological relationships by performing authentic testing. The DNA Testing Laboratory is accredited by AABB Parentage Testing Accreditation program and is proficient in conducting the tests. This lab has the accreditation from ISO for all its products and services from the Forensic Quality Services. The paternity test results are of very high levels as 99.99 percent and take only 3 to 10 business days.

The DNA Testing laboratories are manned by highly qualified experts. The test results are usually accurate and are accredited by the regulatory authorities.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

DNA Testing In Houston

DNA is the short form of Deoxybonucleic acid molecule that contains the genetic information of living beings. Paternal ancestry of anyone can be traced using the DNA testing. This test is a simple and painless process that involves the use of mouth swabs called buccal swabs. This test enables a person to know with over 99.9 percent accuracy if he is the biological father. The test results are legally binding and accepted all over the US and Canada. Houston has some of the best testing services providing full service drug and alcohol testing for companies and paternity testing.


Identigene provides several types of paternity testing services which are DNA testing in Houston depending upon the individual’s circumstances. The services include legal paternity test, prenatal paternity test and home paternity kits. The paternity test records in respect of DNA testing in Houston is kept very confidential

Legal Paternity test

Legal paternity test is requested in cases of divorce, child custody or proceedings for child support. The samples are taken at one of their nationwide collection facilities and conduct the testing and report back irrespective of where the individual lives.

Prenatal Paternity test

Pregnant women can be performed during the period from 9th to 16th week of pregnancy to establish the child’s paternity. The DNA testing in Houston compares the samples from the mother, unborn baby and the alleged father to determine the presence of genetic match. If the test is not required for legal purposes, the samples can be collected from the father and mother in the privacy of home. These samples are then sent to IDENTIGENE for comparison between the father and child’s DNA samples. If the two matches then the probability of paternity is 99.999 percent and the DNA testing in Houston has been very accurate.

Home Paternity test

This testing is not admissible in the court and is available strictly for the sake of your own satisfaction. The samples are collected in your home’s privacy. You can collect the samples and mail them to one of their nationwide collection centers for arranging the test. Kits are available to collect the samples.

American Medical Services

The laboratories of American Medical Services are certified by AABB, ASHI and CLIA. American Medical Services provides high quality testing at low cost.

DNA testing is done to determine the paternity of a child. The courts accept the test report as evidence in cases like divorce and child custody only. Houston has a number of testing services whose test results are accepted all over US and Canada.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

DNA Testing For Ancestry

DNA Testing is a significant breakthrough in the study of human history. The DNA testing assumed greater importance as it can give vital clues to a person’s ancestral origin. Is possible to find out and confirm if persons having the same last name have the same great –great- great-great grand mother. This test can determine any other ancestry you may have. It can also determine the ancestral heritage of adopted individuals. The DNA test for ancestry helps to confirm the family’s genealogical history through paternal and maternal tests. Recent advancements in genetic testing have empowered you with the ability to establish your eligibility for government benefits such as Native American Rights.

Ethnicity DNA Testing

DNA testing for ancestry DNA 2.5/ DNA Identity Profile is an Ethnicity Testing done to determine your deep ancestral origins and gives you an estimate in percentage of ancestry from the 4 major population groups. The report includes a unique certificate of your genetic finger print.

Native American

Migrated residents of North and South America who migrated from Asia belong to the Native American tribe and the testing for ancestry is done to establish this.


People who migrated from Europe, Middle East and South Asia belong to this ethnic group. South Asians can be further classified as people from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Europeans can be classified as Northern European, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and South Asian. This test for ancestry is made to find out if they happen to be Indo-European

East Asians

People migrating from Japan, Korea and China and other South-east Asians of pacific islands such as Hawaii and Philippines belong to this category.


Ethnic groups from Sub-Saharan Africa are the ancestors of the entire human race, from which it is believed that mankind came into existence.

The Testing Process

The DNA Testing for Ancestry involves a simple and painless process. When a test is ordered, a sample collection kit will be sent to your home to collect the sample in the privacy of your home. The sample can be mailed back in the envelope supplied along with the kit. You can receive your result in about 6 to 8 week’s time. The test result consists of a table showing the percentage of ancestry, a certificate with the individual’s unique finger print, the result in graphical representation and a manual that explains the results.

DNA ancestry testing has made the study of human history simple by establishing ancestral origins. The tests are helpful for claiming government benefits based on Native American ancestry.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

DNA Testing Florida

Genetic testing has evolved with new cutting edge technology to assist in validating a person’s eligibility for government benefits as a person of Native American descent or to satisfy your curiosity on ancestry. Ancestry DNA test is the only scientific method available today to establish your genetic roots. This is useful to adopted persons and those with paternity or blood relationship issues.

Florida DNA testing

DNA testing Florida for legal purposes requires that collection of all samples must be performed by a competent person or the DNA collector who has no interest in the outcome of the test. Florida has some of the most advanced and accredited testing services.


There are several testing collection centers in Florida. GeneTree arranges to collect your test samples at any of their collection centers by a professional sample collector. If there is no center near your location, they can arrange a collector conveniently located near you. An appointment can be fixed calling 888-404-4363. The DNA collector will send the samples by express delivery to their laboratory and the results will be available within 7 business days.

DNA Testing Solutions

DNA Testing Florida provides worldwide services in Paternity Testing and Forensic Testing. Top media outlets use their services provided through over 3000 sample collection centers nationwide.

Ancestry DNA Testing

DNA Testing Solutions also specialize in Native American and Ancestry testing for the people of Florida. Through these most advanced tests, a person can establish his Native American heritage to claim his entitlement to government benefits. Florida DNA testing are mostly 99.99 percent accurate and legally binding.

Percentage of Ancestry

It is possible to confirm the ancestral heritage and the percentage of genetic ancestry through this test. The four broad ethnic groups that can be established are Native Americans who migrated to North and South America, Indo-Europeans who migrated from Europe, Middle East and South Asia, Indians, East Asians like Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other Pacific Islanders and the Africans who originated from Sub-Saharan region.

Florida has several accredited DNA testing services. The test results are most accurate and legally accepted, bringing peace of mind and government benefits to many.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

DNA Testing Cost

DNA Tests for curiosity

The DNA testing cost varies according to the type of test and for tests done out of curiosity normally cost around $200. The results of such DNA test are reported as a Letter of Opinion as the chain of custody is not verified in these cases and therefore the report is not admissible in court.

Legally binding DNA Test

If the test is required to be submitted in a court of law, which often happens in the cases of child support or paternity dispute, the cost is higher, usually in the range of USD 500 to 600. This higher testing cost for a legally binding result is because of the need to demonstrate a chain of custody for all the samples being tested.

Chain of custody & Cost

Legal chain of custody is legally accepted only when the samples are collected in the presence of a third party who is neutral. Samples should be collected at a lab, hospital or clinic where all the parties have verified their identities. This procedure and the location also determine the testing cost. But in circumstances where the sample collection is desired to be done in the privacy of homes, neutral witness is required. The prescribed forms for Chain of Custody that are intended to be produced in court are part of the testing kit. A third party should be present to supervise and witness the collection of specimen, packaging and mailing. The expert lab assistant can also testify and witness the test procedures at extra cost. The DNA testing cost depends on the above factors and the nature of information requested.

The Genetic Testing Laboratories, Inc. GTL

The Paternity Test Kit supplied by GTL costs USD 99. This home test kit comes with overnight return by FedEx free of charge. Their equipment is highly automated and yield extremely accurate results. The reduced overheads help them to perform more tests at lesser testing cost for each test. Data transfers are fully automated resulting in eliminating human error and requiring minimum labor, reducing the overall testing cost.

The DNA Testing costs vary according to the nature of test requested. The legally binding tests cost more than normal tests that are done for curiosity. The strict procedures and high quality standards determine the testing cost.

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